The Future of Sports Trading At Your Fingertips

AllStars Trader (AST) is a revolutionary brokerage allowing anyone to trade exciting new alternative asset CFDs based on real sports people, alongside traditional trading products such as FX, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. AST alternative assets track the performance of sports stars through highly sophisticated systems, which have taken years to develop. We constantly evaluate and benchmark individuals creating real-time, liquid and tradable indices which are recognised financial products. These can be for your favourite footballer, cricketer or, in the future, even Tik Tok superstars! We wanted to create an alternative to ‘win or lose’ bets. With an AST player index you can buy, sell or hold your favourite sports person. 

AllStars Trader indices allow you to turn your knowledge of sports and people into an investment. This can sit alongside other investments and offers a way of balancing risk across different asset classes.  
AST alt-assets are the first new CFDs for over ten-years, providing new trading products for a new generation of traders. Be one of them!

How AllStars Trader Works

AllStars Trader sports stocks are based on ADRIX™ Indices created by Aqua Digital Rising Limited. The ADRIX™ indices operate in real-time providing a genuine benchmarked product which reacts to news, performance and future potential in the same way as traditional company stock. The difference is that ADRIX™ Indices reflect human success in the same way that equities or stocks reflect commercial performance. The indices use a 2-step governance process, with a leading professional firm auditing the index methodology. When this is completed, the methodology will be registered under European Benchmark Regulation (BMR).

The ADRIX™ indices are a unique and exciting edition to traditional trading products. Millions of unique data points are interrogated 24/7 to create the tradable assets, with inputs ranging from historical data to social media feeds.