Trading Tips for Beginners: Features to Use on AST Trading Web Platform

Every trader depend on trading tips and strategies to make profitable moves. The AllStars Trader trading platform is where all the magic happens. We created an intuitive and easy to use trading platform with real-time pricing to help you trade in your favourite players during the game. As a new trader, there are many features on our trading platform that you can use to your advantage. This article will guide you through some of those features and give you tips on how to use them. 

Football Section: Get All the Match Fixtures and Plan Your Trades 

The football section has a calendar with all the match fixtures from the nine leagues that we cover. This includes both upcoming and past matches that you might be interested in. This section will come in handy when you want tips for planning your trades ahead of time. 

Match Centre: Trading Tips for Choosing Your Players and Creating Your Strategy

Your trading strategy can help you win or lose your initial investment. Our match centre is packed with stats and information that can help you create a solid, well-informed trading strategy. We give you the prices and statistics of previous matches and players from different teams to help you select the best players you can trade on. Each player profile contains the details of their performance and how this affected their prices. You can search for your favourite clubs and players from the match centre. Also, to get trading tips that can help you understand our pricing engine better we recommend watching our videos series on pricing.

Track Your Trades with Trade Positions, Pending Orders and Filled Trades on the Trading Platform

Once you pick a player, you will trade them by opening and closing positions on the trading platform that profit you according to your sports knowledge. It is important to track your trades and the trade position, pending orders list and filled orders lists allow you to do just this.

You can check the current Buy and Sell prices of your open trades in the Trade Position section and if you are happy with their current profit and loss, you can close your position from here. 

On the other hand, if you want to execute your trades at a particular price level, you can set buy and limit orders for these. The Pending Orders List contains all the limit orders that you have opened on your favourite players. 

Once the limit orders are executed, these trades automatically move to the Filled Trades section, where you can find your entire trading history.

Find All Your Resources and Trading Tips in the Learn Section

The Learn section on the AllStars Trader Trading platform is rich with resources for all traders, regardless of whether you are a novice or professional trader. We have a series of FAQs that explains all the common concepts of trading. This breaks down trading basics such as spreads, leverages, margins and equity into bite-sized information that you can easily understand.

Additionally, you can find all the FAQs on how to trade in Allstars Trader sports indices. Whether you want to learn how to trade in AllStars Trader indices or how the prices of the players you choose are calculated, this section will give you detailed explanations of this. 
These and many more features can help you make profits from your knowledge of sports. The best thing about it? You don’t need to be a seasoned trader to use it. With the above trading tips, it is as simple and easy to navigate as understanding a football match! Don’t let us tell you about it! Head over to the AllStars Trader Web Platform and try it for yourself!

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  1. I am already a registered client but I still want to the factors that contribute to the movement of the market.
    Also, I want to thank Allstars trade for introducing the football trade to us.

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