AllStars Trader Match Centre: 4 Ways to Create a Powerful Strategy

laptop displaying the allstars trader match centre

Whether you want to monitor upcoming match fixtures or trade your favourite football star, the AllStars Trader match centre is the one-stop place to get all the details of your football indices. In this article, we will look at how you can use this resourceful centre to make the most of your football trading. 

How to Access the Match Centre

When you visit the AllStars Trader website or web platform, you can access the Match Centre by either clicking on the Football section or scrolling down to the “Sports Calendar”. This will take you to upcoming and past match fixtures with the option of selecting the “Match Centre” for each match.

If you access the match centre for past match fixtures, you will see:-

  1. The match timings and final score
  2. The players who participated in the match. The players who are ranked in the top 5 always appear first.
  3. The name, position and team of the player as well as their performance stats during the match
  4. The timeline showing players who played throughout the match, those that were substituted as well as those who did not participate at all

Performance Stats of Footballers 

Once you get to the match centre, you will see the following key stats to help you pick and trade your favourite footballer.

  1. All the players in the upcoming match with the best 5 players at the top
  2. Current CFD price of each player with the option of either buying or selling them
  3. A performance chart depicting the player’s price movement throughout the previous match

How to Use the Match Centre

Successful trading is all about the strategy that you use and the information in the match centre can help you create a good one. You can do this by:

  1. Monitoring your favourite football clubs and matches and planning your trades ahead of time
  2. Choose the right player based on your analysis of their previous game stats
  3. Track the progress of your players during the live matches and change your strategy if need be

You don’t have to be a trading expert to invest in your favourite footballer. The AllStars Trader match centre is your one-stop point for all your football information and this video can help you learn how to navigate it. Visit the match centre, pick your players and start profiting from your passion for football.

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