Make More Money in 2022: Top 5 Side Hustles

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Although you have probably come across a lot of content on side hustles, very few can give you tangible income. The majority will only earn you peanuts, while the lucrative ones require much time, money and particular skills. We are not going to tell you to fill in survey forms or transcribe but give you feasible, fun and profitable ideas to help you make real money in 2022.

Sell Products Online

E-commerce became a business game-changer post-COVID, and you can make a decent amount of income selling products online. Many sites offer a platform where you can market and sell your products and services. You can use these to sell your inventions or resalable items. 

Whether you make jewellery, pickles or fitness clothes, you can use different e-commerce sites such as Etsy, Amazon and eBay to advertise and sell your products. You can also boost your sales by promoting the products on social media forums. Unless you are dropshipping, this side hustle can be costly as you will need capital to buy or make your products.

Become a Driver with Ride-Sharing Apps

Carpooling and sharing rides have become the norm as motorists seek alternatives to poor public transportation services. You can transform your personal vehicle into a cash cow by using it to ferry people. Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft can connect you to customers and give you a safe platform to drive passengers. Depending on your location, you can make anything from $5 to $10 an hour. The only downside to this side hustle is that you will have to convert your personal car into a public space. You have to bear the costs of gas, car maintenance, insurance and toll fees among other expenses.

Become a Sports Trading Affiliate Marketer

To all soccer fans out there, all the above side hustles are nothing compared to becoming an affiliate while promoting AllStars Trader football indices. AllStars Trader has exciting sports indices that you can invest in and earn extra income. For as little as $10 you can buy or sell your favourite football stars and make profits. Customers get a leverage of 1:100 and 24/7 trading during football matches of major European Football Leagues: Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and more.

The affiliate programme offers unparalleled ways of monetizing with one of the most competitive commission-share schemes on the market. In fact, for every lot traded affiliates get 25$ as part of the commission-share scheme, a flat 25% on commissions generated by referrals. Applying for the affiliate programme is free, plus you get marketing material and multi-language support. Nobody else in the market enables you to earn while promoting your passion!

Make Money as a Content Creator

While there is no shortage of content on the internet, the demand for quality and useful information is equally high. So long as you have expert knowledge on a topic and can package it creatively, you are not late to the party of influencers. Content creation is an ideal side hustle because it offers diverse money-making opportunities ranging from online courses, technical blogs, video content and podcasts. You can also start off slowly by creating top-notch content in an area of your expertise and build an audience before scaling your business. 

With top instructors on Skillshare earning up to $100k per year, there’s high demand for experts who want to share their knowledge in niche areas. Once you build a decent following, you can offer exclusive content on Patreon or join an affiliate marketing program. Brands are always on the lookout to partner with influencers who can advertise their products and services. You will also be surprised at how many people are willing to pay a monthly subscription for good exclusive content. 

As alluded to above, the content market is saturated with so many creators. You have to be the best to command the attention of an easily distracted audience. You, therefore, have to be knowledgeable and upgrade your skills to create quality content and compete effectively.

Become a Personal Trainer

We live in a health-conscious world and people are constantly looking for ways to keep fit and healthy. The global online fitness market is expected to grow by 33.1% annually, making personal training one of the best side hustles. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can make an extra buck training people. Besides conducting one-on-one classes, you can create online fitness classes to supplement your income. 

Although you don’t have to be as fit as Cristiano Ronaldo, training people is exerting and demands that you become physically fit before you can train other people. You have to create time in your schedule to either meet up with your clients or make fitness videos. You also need to get additional certification in personal fitness to boost your personal training services and give you more credibility amongst customers.

In a nutshell, all the above are great side hustles that you can take advantage of in 2022. Even though they have their pros and cons, they all guarantee you a flexible source of extra income. Visit the AllStars Trader blog to learn more about how you can make money by trading in your favourite players.

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