The Hazards and Sergio of the Football Transfer Market

Eden Hazard

The football transfer market is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. If you ask any football fan, they will have stories of the worst and best transfers to their club.  The players who were so good, they led the team to a trophy and the ones who were so bad they don’t want to mention their name.

At AllStars we have looked through the ADRIX™ data and come up with the player who we think could be the biggest ever fail, based on the value they gave to their new club, in the transfer market.  The player at the top of our list is Eden Hazard.

One ofExpensive Transfer

In 2018 Hazard was a star of the Chelsea team.  He moved at the end of the season to Real Madrid in a deal that was seen as providing a successor to Cristiano Ronaldo.  The transfer included a fee, which when all elements were included, was estimated to be €146m, with Hazard taking home a reported €500,000 a week.  This, you would think, would make the Belgium star very happy and motivated, but his performance can only be described as disappointing.

In his first season for Real Madrid (2019/ 20) he scored just one goal from 16 appearances.  His year was dogged by injuries, and he famously arrived at the club 7kg overweight, and his on-field approach and play were universally criticised. 

As an attacking midfield player, with a salary of over €20m a year, not adding in all the transfer costs, to produce 1 goal and three assists in 1000 mins of play, has to put him at the top of the worst deals in the transfer market history.

For his first season he earned €20,000 for each minute he played, equivalent to €330 a second and then, which really upset the fans when Real Madrid lost to his old club in the Champions League, he was seen laughing with his old teammates.

Fans will also be able to point to the best transfer deals which brought players like Lampard to Chelsea, Henry to Arsenal and Cantona to Manchester United, or going back even further, Cryuff to Barcelona.  However, few deals can beat Sergio Aguero’s move to Manchester City.

He was not cheap.  In 2011 he cost £35 million as he moved from Atletico Madrid, but he’s playing stats show how good a deal this was.  There is no exact figure of his salary but it is estimated that over his 11 years at Man City he earned on average £190,000 a week, less than half of what Eden is now on.  But he scored 180 goals in 261 league appearances over 19,182 minutes of playing time. 

In fact, he has the best goals per game (0.69) and goals per 90 minutes (0.84) rate in the English Premier League’s history and has won four Premier League titles, one FA Cup and five League Cups with Manchester City.

Even if we look at his last season with Manchester City when his yearly salary was £11.97 million he scored 30 goals, which is £400K per goal, a little bit better than Eden’s £20 million for the one time he got the ball into the back of the net!

After his performance at Euro2020, it may be time to look again at Eden Hazard.  His 2021/22 season at Real Madrid might show that he is worth all the money he is being paid.  If this is your view you can buy and hold the player stock.  Or you may decide that the Real fans are right, and his heart has never been at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium so he will always underperform for the club.  In which case you can short him, as will most Real fans!

The 2021/2022 season is no different from the others and so far clubs have broken expenditure records to get the best talent for the upcoming season. Amongst the most expensive deals include Manchester United’s latest signing, Jadon Sancho, (£73 million), and Jack Grealish, who has joined Manchester City for a record £100 million, who currently tops the charts for the most expensive transfer in the Premier League. With rumors still rife over a possible Solomon Lukaku £115 million transfer deal from Inter Milan to Chelsea, it remains to be seen if these players will live up to their club’s huge expectations and prove their worth on the pitch.

As for Sergio, he starts the next phase in his career after signing for Barcelona in May this year.  Would you back him to succeed in La Liga, or has his career peaked and now is the time to short him?  AllStars Trader sports stocks are the best way to back your knowledge of football.

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