Would You Trade Against Your Favourite Football Player?


Can you trade against your favourite football player? The problem with gambling is that it is driven by emotion. You have a win or lose choice and the fact is that we never want to bet against our favourite player. Whether it is Cristiano, Mbappe or Verratti can you really accept that at the moment they are not at their best?

How to Trade Your Favourite Player on AllStars Trader

With AllStars Traders sport stocks you can approach them like a currency or commodity. You may be a fan of gold and trade it day and night, but your knowledge of the yellow metal means that you buy it, sell it or just hold the asset until the price reaches a point you like. You have more than one option – it is not a single bet and you are not putting all your eggs in one basket.

So, if Cristiano, Mbappe or Verratti has a bad game, with AllStars player stocks you can use your football knowledge to predict that by the end of the Euro 2020 Tournament they will have lived up to their reputation and keep holding the player. Or you can sell out and potentially buy back in when the price has fallen to a level when you know they represent good value.

Use Data to Trade Your Knowledge and Passion

The problem with gambling is that it is purely driven by emotion. AllStars Trader sport stocks are data driven, offering live pricing and flexible investment choices. There are also leveraged financial products so instead of just placing a single dollar you can back your football expertise and place as much as $100, even if you don’t have it.

Like any other investment, you can win or lose but AllStars Trader gives you more room to spread the risks and choose the players whose performance, good or bad, can potentially make you money. You can use the stats from the stars’ past games to inform your choice.

With over 4000 players to select from, you can buy the rising stars or sell the falling disappointments. There is no fantasy – just real, live pricing based on player performance. The most exciting thing about trading your favourite players during the Euros is that you can actually watch the prices change during the matches in real time. You can therefore monitor the volatility of all your trades and make your next investment based on your charts and the performances of your football stars.

It is a new and exciting product which gives you control and allows you to put your football knowledge and passion. Whether or not to trade against your favourite player, is mostly a question of your prediction based on their performance and subsequent value. As tempting as it might be, that kind of choice should not be based on emotion, but your trading strategy, past charts and the player’s statistics.

Login to AllStars Trader now and kick-off your Euro 2020 tournament investments. We have an exciting welcome bonus of $10 waiting for you in your live trading account and you can use it to boost your investments. For more information on how to invest in your favourite football players, visit Allstars Trader.

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