What Does Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout Look Like?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Very few athletes can match the fame and longevity of Cristiano Ronaldo. At 36, the football star is still regarded as one of the most lethal strikers amongst younger and upcoming peers. His illustrious career has continued to shine despite his age and if his record-breaking performance at the Euro 2020 Championships is anything to go by, Ronaldo is here to stay.

You might be wondering what is the secret behind this age-defying performance? Ronaldo attributes everything to a rigorous health system that helps him maintain peak performance on and off the pitch. The star has a rigorous training regime that he implements on and off season. This encompasses a tough workout routine, strict sleeping patterns and a diet that ensures he reaps all the benefits from his training.

Training Like Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s workout regimen has been hailed as one of the toughest. Even though the five-time Ballon d’Or winner intensifies his workouts during the preseason routines, he usually works out for 3–4 hours 5 days a week and sleeps for 7.5 hours daily. His workout regimen includes 5 rigorous super sets that have put even the most seasoned fitness enthusiasts to shame and focus on building the athlete’s body strength, stamina and speed. Besides the high-intensity drills on the pitch, Ronaldo mixes his regimen with gym sessions and hydrotherapy.

outline of Cristiano Ronaldo's weekly workout routine
Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout Routine

The football superstar usually kicks off his workouts with warm-up exercises such as jogging, treadmill and cycling sessions and splits his time at the gym between cardio and weight training sessions. A weekly workout routine for Ronaldo looks like this:-

His hydrotherapy sessions include a mix of strokes and several laps in the pool. The record-breaking athlete also takes his rest sessions as seriously as he does his workouts. He is reported to prefer 5 power naps of 90 minutes each throughout the day in lieu of the traditional 8-hours of nightly sleep.

Diet: Cristiano Ronaldo Keeps it Squeaky Clean

Ronaldo attributes his enviable physique to his squeaky clean diet. He consumes lots of proteins and fresh fruits and completely steers clear of carbonated drinks and alcohol. The superstar’s affinity for healthy drinks recently came to the fore when he replaced Coca Cola bottles for water during a Euro 2020 pre-match conference. The sportsman consumes 3,200 calories daily consisting of 6 meals that give him the necessary energy to fully show up during training.

He starts off breakfast with a selection of hams and cheeses with yogurt, after which he has an avocado toast as his midmorning snack. Ronaldo typically has two lunches, the first of which is a chicken salad, followed by a protein packed heavier meal that includes fish, eggs, salad and olive. He also has two dinners that contain either fish, steak or chicken.

From all of the above, it is easy to see how Ronaldo, at 36, maintains 50% muscle mass, 7% body fat and the physique of a 20-year old. It is obvious that a huge part of his record-breaking success on the pitch results from his talent, hard work and smart food choices. It is no wonder that he remains the top footballer in our ADRIX indices. You can invest in the superstar and profit from your fandom and passion for football on AllStars Trader.

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